After educating over a couple of lakhs of students in computer education, we gained confidence to handle formal education in Engineering and established Vasireddy Venkatadri Institute of Technology in 2007. Among the 200 odd engineering colleges that were set up in the state of Andhra Pradesh since 2007, we can unabashedly claim numero uno position. Having benefited from world class quality education from Sainik School Korukonda, we the core group of Social Education Trust, always felt that we owed a good school to the society. 21 years in the field of academics, and now, we think we have grown up and are ready to handle formal world class education for children. When some parents asked us whether the school being conceived would be an “International” school or an “IIT Concept” school or a “Techno” school, we just replied straight from the heart that the school would be a “Good” School. We knew the answer wouldn’t be sufficient for people who do not know us. So, the ensuing information is an effort to put pen to paper of our vision and intentions. We sincerely believe, on “The Right Path”, success is a given.

Sri Vasireddy Vidyasagar, Chairman